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On Ground Event

Don’t worry if you plan to hold an event that requires participants to be present at the event location. We have expertise in planning and coordination, logistics management, promotion and marketing, vendor selection and management, on-site event management, as well as security and safety for your event. In this category we handle Corporate Events, Scientific Events, Brand Activation, TV Program Support, Outbound, Reunion.

Virtual Event

We are reliable in holding virtual events, we have sophisticated and safe technology and infrastructure for clients who want to hold virtual or online events. In this category we handle Virtual Concert, Virtual Family Gathering, Virtual Reunion, Virtual Press Conference, Virtual Conference, Virtual Kick Off Meeting, Virtual Product Launching.

Hybrid Event

Unlimited space and distance for our clients. We have a reliable team and technology capable of handling any combination of offline and online events you want. In this category we handle Gathering & Special Event.

Communication Strategy

We utilize and handle the promotional part of events through the latest offline and online media platforms. Modify classic or contemporary topics as promotional ideas to attract the attention of many audiences and get the fastest and widest reach. In this category we handle Marketing Promotion Strategy, Digital Advertising Management, OOH Production, Digital Assets Management, Landing Page Design for event.


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