Corporate Team
Major Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Prepares, completes, distributes and ensures the follow-up of forms and files relating to staff appointments, contracts, reimbursements and payments.
  2. According to established procedures, is responsible for invoicing and collection of accounts for services such as faxing, long distance calls, photocopying and others. Handles cash. Prepares deposits.
  3. Uses word and data processing software. Updates computerized applications and participates in their development.
  4. Composes correspondence relating to the activities of the position. Types various documents such as letters, reports, statistical tables and administrative forms.
  5. Participates in meetings of an administrative nature, records decisions, and follows up as required.
  6. Ensures proper maintenance of unit’s filing system. Applies archiving procedures.
  7. Uses a variety of equipment such as a computer terminal or personal computer, calculator,  photocopier and fax machine.
  8. Etc