Agung Ponanx

Corporate Team
As a Head of Design he will manage client expectations, delivering extremely creative and surprising results. He will also lead the creative team in the right direction by managing and supporting them and by providing them with motivational and development feedback. As a Head of Design he’ll also be responsible for:
  • The quality of output for all creative work
  • Adopting a ‘hands-on’ approach when required to help the team with concept development
  • Ensuring the right resource is available and that the creative team is involved from the beginning of a project
  • Creating an inspiring and positive culture
  • He will feel confident working across digital and  print
  • He will have an intimate understanding of design, animation, video/film, print and digital using the following software – Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,3Dmax,Sketchup.Etc

Featured Projects

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